donderdag 12 augustus 2010

Steel Frame Building Sizes

Prefabricated building sizes vary in profiles. For example, if the building is modular, there is a general height of the ceilings of no more than 8 feet because they must be transported by truck. However, a steel frame building is constructed with interior heights of 30 feet and more. How do you know which type of prefabricated building you will need? If your desire is to have a building that will include large open spaces like a warehouse, barn, shed or garage, you need a steel frame building and not a modular building.

Each section of a modular building should be between 10 feet and 18 feet wide and 36 to 76 feet long, for transport. However, the construction methods necessary for them to be fully assembled in much larger buildings measuring up to tens of thousands of square feet. Modular buildings can be stacked on each other to create buildings with 3 or 4 floors.

Steel buildings can be as small as 10 feet by 20 feet for a small storage building to more than 150 feet wide by almost unlimited length with zero interior columns. If your space requirements are for more than 150 feet wide, steel buildings require interior columns at regular intervals. This type of construction is called a modular steel construction. The nomenclature of this type building can cause a bit of confusion. The modules are simply the spaces between each column which are built the same way as steel buildings. Steel buildings can also have multiple stories, although they are not commonly built this way.

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